For startups

Why join?

Collaborative relationships with experienced advisors

Your informal advisory board of angels
backed by a passionate community.

This equals better traction, smarter funding strategies and increased access to capital.

Experts when you need them

Think of our angels as an informal advisory board.

You provide simple 'investor updates' in a standardised format. They are there to provide advice and critical analysis.

Whether it's support on validation, helping you identify key traction points for fundraising, or acting as a sounding board on knotty challenges their expertise and network is at hand.

Share with peers who really get it

The anxiety and adrenaline of startup life is unparalleled. Friends and family may not get it. Fellow founders do. You don't have to feel alone in this.

We offer a safe space to vent, a group to constructively challenge and stretch your thinking and structures to help you stay  accountable. A venue to celebrate the successes and commiserate over the losses.

Deep investor relationships

One-off pitches have limited value for angels and founders. We facilitate long lasting relationships that mean angel advisors can provide meaningful support, not just a yes or a no.

We make it easy for our member investors and partner syndicates to follow your journeys, so when it comes time to raise, they already know you and your progress.

How does it work?

1. Personalised

  • Tell us about you and your idea; where you are today, and where the IfWeRaise platform can add most value
  • We'll highlight the resources and advisors that we have available and help you get the best out of them
  • If you want to match with angel advisors we facilitate a double opt-in matching process to make sure we find you a great fit

2. Ongoing

  • The best startups provide monthly updates for their investors -  we offer you the opportunity to take the same approach and use it to build excitement and trust before you raise
  • Our simple template takes 30 mins to fill in
  • Our experts and angels provide critical analysis, feedback and support
  • Every day our community platform has new resources, debates and perspectives

3. Defining your path

  • Not every founder needs to fundraise. Not everyone dreams of IPO. And VC isn't a good fit for all businesses
  • Our library of learning resources, exercises and frameworks gives you the knowledge to unpack what the business can and should become
  • Meanwhile, sessions with investors and fellow founders will help you stress test different routes to decide where your personal ambitions lie

Who can apply?

For now, we're focusing on founders who: 

1. Self-identify as being underserved based on race, gender, sexuality, socio-economic background or disability
2. Are working on a digital (not physical product) based startup
3. Have at least £50k SEIS allowance remaining

The cost is £49 per month and £25 for each additional co-founder.

We offer pay what you can afford, we don't want cost to be the barrier to anyone participating.

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