For angels

Why join?

Support underserved founders on their
journey building their startups.

Investment opportunities you
would otherwise miss.

Help make access to entrepreneurship fairer.

Support startups

Help underserved founders build traction and get ready for investment.

Our model enables you to efficiently provide support and collaborate with other angels.

Learn from peers

Our community of angels are, like you, experts with incredible experience, and the drive to have real impact through their investments.

Together, our angels share connections, wider investment opportunities and advice.

Diversify your portfolio

We know the earlier the stage, the riskier the investment. We can help you write a higher volume of smaller
cheques to spread early bets.

Our angels may invest alone, as a syndicate with fellow 
angel members, or through a
partner syndicate.

How does it work?

Our investors choose how deeply they want to be involved with each startup and the wider community.
Most angel advisors commit a minimum of 2 hours a month.
There is no obligation to invest at any point, you are supporting founders as an advisor.

1. Personal

  • Tell us the kinds of businesses that excite you and the expertise you draw on
  • We'll recommend which startups will be most relevant for you to advise
  • Opt into angel only groups to compare advice, share dealflow, build connections, and support your wider portfolio

2. Light-touch

  • We provide founders simple investor update template
  • Using a double opt-in process we match you up to three ambitious founders
  • Each month they update you with their successes, failures, key metrics, asks and problems
  • You provide founders with critical analysis, introductions and signpost resources

3. Impactful investment

  • We don't believe every founder needs to raise venture capital, or have a $billion valuation to deliver meaning for the founder, and their early investors
  • We help our founders develop an exit strategy based on their ambition and the business constraints
  • There is no obligation for our angel advisors to invest, just that they will support founders on their journey developing their business

Who can join?

If you have the angel investing experience and 2+ hours a month to support underserved founders then we would love to hear from you.

Your support is in the form of paying forward knowledge, there is no expectation that you will invest.

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