Want to make startup funding fairer?

We are a platform made up of angel investors and underserved founders, working together to improve access to expertise and early stage funding.

The problem

The funding system is screwed.

Entrepreneurship can be a great leveller.
Not just for a single founder, but for the teams they build,
and the communities they serve.

But equal opportunity cannot exist without equal access to funding.


UK funding to all white teams*


UK funding to all male teams*


UK black female founders funded**


of angels are male***

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Our Solution

A community of underserved founders, and angels

Informal advisory board

Learn from fellow founders and angels, and expand your network.

Access first capital

Opportunity for founders to fundraise from members and partner angel syndicates.

Outcome oriented process

Founders send monthly board updates and get feedback, preparing them for investment.

Our partners

We're part of an ecosystem

Some of our partners who are driving change

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Why we exist

What we heard from founders...

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I'm in a constant state of overwhelm.

I don’t know any other founders so have no-one to ask for advice. I constantly worry I’m missing something obvious and easy because I don’t know what questions to ask.

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Friends and family funding isn't an option

My friends and family don’t have money to invest… in my community I’m the person they come to me for loans.

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We wasted thousands of our savings

I spent £6k of my own savings building an app before we knew how to get users for it. Once I spoke to our customers it turned out we built the wrong thing. £6k and years of savings wasted.

Let's rebalance the system.