I’ve got an idea -
but don’t have revenue yet


Revenue now - How to get customers before you get investors

Through weekly hands-on workshops, you will develop the key skills you’ll need to test demand for your idea and start generating revenue.The course covers the core skills any first time founder needs to master (whether you’re thinking of fundraising or not).

People sitting around a meeting table pointing at whiteboard

I am so grateful for the hours IfWeRaise has saved me, and the peace of mind its given me.I have a new understanding and focus as I bootstrap my startup.

Charlotte Crowther - MySnapshot

4 weeks - 4 workshops

Proven, practical steps that help move your business towards revenue generation.

A customer experiment planner

Takeaway worksheets to complete

Choose lunchtimes or evenings

Money-back guarantee


*half price tickets available for
underrepresented founders


I'm trying to get
my startup funded

People sitting around a meeting table pointing at whiteboard


Create your personalised funding strategy

Funding your business can be overwhelming. How much should you give up? What money can you really access? And what mistakes should you avoid?

Learn what founders wish they knew sooner so you can use your time more efficiently and increase your chances of funding for growth.

They've helped me refine and consider my fundraising approach, offering instrumental insights. Navigating the complex world of startup financing can be daunting and fraught with pitfalls.

Judy Leung - Sweqlink

2 hour masterclass

Includes the tools you need to continue maintain momentum after the course:

Compare different funding types

Fundraising strategy planner

UK fundraising useful links

Money back guarantee



*half price tickets available for
underrepresented founders


I want to grow my founder and advisor network

Move faster together

We go faster when we learn from each other. Whether for accountability, learning from each others mistakes or broadening your network, our community has you covered!We combine first-time founders sharing together; with advice from experienced entrepreneurs and friendly angel advisors.

People sitting around a meeting table pointing at whiteboard

As a migrant founder living in the UK, having access to the local and diverse community of startups and advisors from IfWeRaise has been incredibly helpful - Paqtana's chances of success have greatly increased with their guidance.

Xavier Armijos - Paqtana

Learn from experts

Our approach is focused is on helping you make the right fundraising choices for you and your business

Weekly Q&A calls

Monthly Ask the Expert calls

Slack access to advisors

No strings. Cancel anytime.


per month
*or pay what you can afford
Code of Conduct & Terms

The First Time Founder's Roadmap

We've mapped the techniques we've used successfully with
100's of founders into an easy to use framework

Self-diagnose your current blockers

Learn what's worked for other entrepreneurs

Avoid common founder pitfalls

Our Free Resources for Founders

Deep dives into key topics

Meet the team

We’ve helped thousands of founders launch and grow faster

hattie willis

hattie willis

Hattie is an experienced startup coach and entrepreneurship educator. She has taught and mentored on programmes including UN SDG, Amazon Sustainability and Hatch.She’s also a former Venture Builder, with hands on experience conceiving, testing and pitching ideas for investment.Hattie is a speaker, facilitator and host of podcast Not My First Guess.

Tim Deeson

tim deeson

Tim has more than twenty years of experience as a founder, CEO and board member for technology companies including successful exits.More recently he has worked as an advisor to early stage founders, including hundreds of startups through the London School of Economics accelerator programmes.

andy ayim

andy ayim mbe
board advisor

Andy is an experienced investor and operator, and most recently founder of The Angel Investing School, with a vision to empower a new generation of diverse angel investors.His angel investing courses have been taken by over 300 people across over 50 different countries.He has invested in over 17 gap-closing startups such as Farmlend, Ava Estell and Whering.

andrea sinclair

andrea sinclair
board advisor

Andrea Sinclair is an experienced internet entrepreneur and angel investor working with a range of both commercial and social entrepreneurs.Now focused on support of start-ups, especially with female founders through the Alma Angel group, as well as in supporting social entrepreneurs, mainly through the Ashoka Support Network and the Zinc Venture Builder.In 2022 Andrea received the UKBAA Angel Investor of the Year award.

Our angel advisors

♡ Paying it forward to IfWeRaise founders ♡

Azeez Soetan

azeez soetan

Operator, Marketer,
Angel Investor,
Startup Advisor

Edwina Johnson

Edwina Johnson

Operator, Startup Advisor,
Angel Investor,

Marcus Exall

marcus exall

Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and trusted advisor to founders

sam simpson

sam simpson

Entrepreneur, Angel Investor,
Board Advisor

Andy Budd

andy budd

A Design Leader turned Venture Partner and Startup Advisor

Beth Carter

beth carter

Head of Growth, Ada Ventures Angel Investor, Growth Coach

ben rosenbaum

ben rosenbaum

Experienced Operator, Founder,
Angel Investor

ayo sule

ayo sule

Angel Investor, Talent & Brand Consultant specialising in Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle

katharina wodenitscharow

katharina wodenitscharow

Health Economist, Angel Investor, Online Writer at Angel Investing School

richard cummins

richard cummins

Operator, Startup Advisor, Angel Investor,
Community Builder

jia hong shaw

jia hong shaw

Climate-focused Angel Investor, Mentor, ex-Venture Capital

yang chen

yang chen

Scientist and Venture Partner specialising in Healthcare, Bioscience and Foodtech

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is IfWeRaise for?

We're focused on founders who want to work lean initially - focused on generating revenue from customers before engaging investors.

And those who share our values:

  1. Building startups not decks

  2. Make space and take space

  3. Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility

What business models is IfWeRaise best able to support?

Our methods and network are best placed to support startups focused on digital products or services.

Regulated products, DeepTech, HealthTech or other businesses that require significant pre-revenue investment are harder to fit with a lean funding approach.

Why are you focused on driving inclusion and access?

The UK's startup ecosystem has huge inequalities in access to funding.

  • 76% UK funding to all white teams (ref)

  • 68% UK funding to all male teams (ref)

  • Only 38 UK black female founders ever funded (ref)

  • 86% of angel investors are male (ref)

Are you only focused on founders looking to raise?

Absolutely not! Not every founder needs to fundraise. Not everyone dreams of IPO. And VC isn't a good fit for all businesses.Our goal is to empower founders to be confident in choosing whether angel investment, venture capital or funding via revenue is the best fit for their business.

Do I have to be a member to take a course? Or vice-versa?

No. The membership is designed to providing ongoing support for founders and the courses are designed for rapidly getting up to speed.

How do I know when founders are fundraising?

Invest in ambitious founders, learn from other experts and broaden your network - register here